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Welcome to the homepage of the nanoTOF project

We are aerosol and gas phase scientists who want to understand the basic mechanisms of atmospheric new particle formation. We are developing new tools and instrumentation to better depict and understand the fundamental processes of gas to particle conversion.


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The nanoTOF-IBK 2016 measurement campaign

This 1-month measurement campaign is primarily intended to test and characterize the performance of our new nanoTOF inlet. A second aspect of the campaign is to characterize the measurement site regarding ion production rate, total ion concentration, particle number size distribution and the overall total particle number concentration particle number concentration. Thanks to our collaboration partners and to the good connections to many other research groups, we are able to setup up all the necessary instrumentation.


The nanoTOF in measurement position

View through the inlet

From left: Markus Leiminger and Gerhard Steiner

Cluster Ion Counter (CIC) from the University of Helsinki

DMPS system from the University of Vienna

CPC from the University of Vienna and Alpha Guard Radon detector from the Institute of Ecology from the University of Innsbruck


Gerhard Steiner is participating in the Aerosol Technology 2015 meeting. He is presenting a talk with the title "Generation of neutral calibration clusters"


Martin Breitenlechner is having fun with the nanoTOF inlet


new nanoTOF web page online


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