• I'm interested in participating in your study. How do I do that?

We'd be glad to have you! First of all, check and make sure you fulfill all the criteria (listed here).

Participants in our project are tested at least twice over a period of a yearr or longer. In general, our first round of testing takes place in schools and usually involves all suitable students in the final year. If you think your school would be interested, please send us an e-mail so we can contact your principal.



  • I'm interested in the results of your study. Where can I find out about them?

LAILA is a longitudinal research project; we look at changes in people's language skills over time (minimum 12 months, hopefully longer). This means that it will take a while before we have any concrete results. We'll probably have our first preliminary findings in in 2013. We will publish them here on our homepage, and present them at conferences and symposia.

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