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Upcoming events:
ARDRE student representatives
15.10.2020  - we would like to congratulate the two ESR who have been selected to represent the ARDRE PhD students. We are happy to announce that the student representatives for the upcoming winter and summer semester are Camille Brucker and EduardoVillicaña-González.

01.10.2020  – a warm welcome to our 12th ESR, Mr. Aldo Tancredi (Italy) who will be working at the Institute of Organic Chemistry!

End of the 3rd call
18.08.2020 - The third call for the ARDRE project Biology of voltage-gated calcium-channesl (BVC) has been closed. We received 26 applications from 12 nationalities. All applications will be now checked for their eligibility. 

Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

13.08.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Marion Lechable (Institute of Zoology)
    Transcription factor AP2 controls cnidarians germ cell induction
  • Camille Brucker (Institute for Biomedical Ageing Research)
    Long-term caloric restriction ameliorates deleterious effects of aging on white and brown adipose tissue plasticity

Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

30.07.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Lucas Hensen (Institute for Biochemistry)
    The mTOR pathway is necessary for survival of mice with short telomeres

Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

16.07.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Lena Guerrero Navarro (Institute for Biomedical Ageing Research)
    Mitochondrial Dysfunction Induces Senescence with a Distinct Secretory Phenotype
  • Xuechen Tang (Department of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry)
    Structurally Similar Inhibitors and SIRT6

28.07.2020 - a warm welcome to our 11th ESR, Ms Xuechen Tang (China) who will be working at the Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry.

ARDRE Mini Retreat
23.07.2020 - our first mini retreat was attended by the ARDRE ESR and member of the ARDRE management team. The purpose of these meetings is to bring together the ARDRE PhD students in an informal setting to discuss specific topics relevant to the ARDRE DP.

End of the 2nd call
14.07.2019 - we received 24 applications from 12 nationalities which were checked for their eligibilty. From 24 applications 10 were eligible.

3rd Call for applications
06.07.2020 - the 3rd call for one PhD position is open from 06.07.2020 to 17.08.2020. For further information please see application information  

Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

02.07.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Nargess Shahbazi (Institute of Molecular Biology)
    Finding new sources of beta cells- Making beta cells in dish
  • Cornelia Förderer (Institute of Botany)
    Molecular and environmental factors regulating seed longevity 

Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

18.06.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Alessandro Pennati (Institute of Zoology)
    A Maternal System Initiating the Zygotic Developmental Program through Combinatorial Repression in the Ascidian Embryo


Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

04.06.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Eduardo Villicana-Gonzalez (Department of Pharmacognosy)
    A database of high-resolution MS/MS spectra for lichen metabolites

01.06.2020 - we are glad to announce that our 10th ESR, Ludovica Filippini has started her position at the Pharmacology and Toxicology Section.

Joint  Summer School ARDRE & AGE REG (virtual meeting)
27.-28.05.2020 - the first joint summer school attended by the ARDRE and the AGE REG PhD students provided a wide range of intriguing and inspiring presentations and discussions.

Journal Club AGE_REG & ARDRE

14.05.2020 - 1:00 pm

  • Angeliki Spathopoulou (Institute for Molecular Biology)
    Single-cell mapping of lineage and identity in direct reprogramming

04.05.2020 - a warm welcome to our 9th ESR, Ms Camille Brucker (France) who will be working at the Institute for Biomedical Ageing Research.

End of the 2nd call
20.04.2020 - the 2nd call has been closed and all the applications received will be now checked for their eligibility.

15.04.2020 - a cordial welcome to our 8th ESR, Ms Nargess Shahbazi (Iran) who will be working at the Institute for Molecular Biology.

01.04.2020 - we are glad that our 6th ESR, Mr Lucas Hensen (Germany) and our 7th ESR, Mr Eduardo Villicana-Gonzalez (Mexico / France) could start their positions at the Department of Biochemistry and at the Department of Pharmacognosy.

23.03.2020 and 16.03.2020 - a warm welcome to our 4th and 5th ESR, Ms Cornelia Förderer (Germany) who will be working at the Institute of Botany and to Ms Marion Lechable (France) who is allocated to the Institute of Zoology.

09.03.2020 - a warm welcome to our 3rd ESR, Mr Alessandro Pennati (Italy) who will be working at the Institute of Zoology.

2nd Call for applications
09.03.2020 - the 2nd call for one PhD position is open from 09.03.2020 to 20.04.2020. For further information please see application information.

02.03.2020 - a warm welcome to Ms Lena Guerrero Navarro (Spain) and Mrs Angeliki Spathopoulou (Greece / Germany) as our first ESR of 12 PhD researchers who started their work at the Institute for Biomedical Ageing Research and the Department of Molecular Biology.

Interviews with short-listed candidates
19/20.12.2019 and 13/14.01.2020 - on 4 days the on-site and video interviews with the short-listed candidates took place.

End of the 1st call
15.11.2019 - we received 142 applications from 36 nationalities which were checked for their eligibilty. From 142 applications 83 were eligible. If needed, a second call will be launchend in the beginning of 2020.

Joint Kick-off Event DP ARDRE & DP DOCC
21.10.2019 - the official Kick-off Event for DP ARDRE and DP DOCC (EU MSCA Doctoral Programs) took place at the main University in Innsbruck. 

1st Call for applications
16.09.2019 - the first call for applications for our 12 PhD positions was launched at Euraxess, Nature Jobs and other media channels. 

Official start of ARDRE
01.08.2019 - the ARDRE Faculty Member-Team and the management team started with their work.

COFUND Beneficiary Day
05.06.2019 - Project coordinator Pidder Jansen-Dürr took part at the EU COFUND Beneficiary's Day in Brussels.
ARDRE / EU Grant Agreement

08.05.2019 - the Grant Agreement No. 847681 for the ARDRE MSCA Doctoral Programme has been signed by the EU and University of Innsbruck.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 847681.

Co-funded by the European Union



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