News and Events 

Upcoming events:

Life Science PhD Meeting 2022, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
AGE_REG & ARDRE Summer School 2022, Universitätszentrum, Obergurgl, AUSTRIA - Please find the preliminary program here.
2nd FEBS Workshop Ageing and Regeneration, Universitätszentrum, Obergurgl, AUSTRIA - Please find the preliminary program here

February 2022 (date tba)
Ethik Meeting, Innsbruck AUSTRIA
06.12.2021 (09.00 – 12.00 hrs and 13.00 – 16.00 hrs) 
Scientific project management, part II
Content: Definition of project management (pm), pm at the University of Innsbruck, EU project management, project initialization, project planning, formulation of goals, aims, hypothesis and research questions, budget calculation, time planning and time management, work packages and milestones, work breakdown structure and Gantt chart, risk management, reporting. The participants should first be instructed theoretically in these mentioned points and then implement these points using their own examples.
Lecturers: Robert Rebitsch / David Lederbauer, of Innsbruck

Winter semester 2021/2022
VERSA - Video gamEs foR Skills trAining
eLecture - online: detailed information about dates and booking can be found on LFU-online.
800911 Video gamEs foR Skills trAining (VERSA) - Critical Thinking, VU 2
800912 Video gamEs foR Skills trAining (VERSA) - Complex Problem Solving, VU 2
800913  Video gamEs foR Skills trAining (VERSA) - Team Management Course, VU 2

Past events:

Joint Summer School AGE_REG & ARDRE 
Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
Summer semester 2021
VERSA Project KICK-OFF meeting and courses/sessions.
Scientific project management, part I
Congratulations to Marcel Tisch MSc and Max Holzknecht MSc on their DP AGE_REG Project Award 2020.

Joint summer school DP AGE REG & ARDRE

Journal Club AGE REG & ARDRE (two-week intervals)

DP AGE_REG summer school 2019: FEBS Workshop “Ageing and Regeneration” and DP AGE-REG special event 

Topical Seminar with Prof. Steve Horvath, University of California, Los Angeles, USA; lecture on "DNA methylation-based biomarkers and the epigenetic clock theory of ageing”

Topical Seminar with Alejandro Ocampo Méndez, Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland; lecture on “Novel epigenetic approaches for treatment of aging and disease“    

Topical Seminar with  Erwann Arc & Wolfgang Stöggl, Dept. of Botany, University of Innsbruck; lecture on “Metabolites and Metabolomics from the plant kingdom”  

Meeting of the DP AGE_REG Students  

Lecture and lab course “Nonfluorescent RNA in situ hybridization” (Ernst Mach Fellow Guest Prof. Carla Grade Vermeulen Carvalho)   

10.04.-12.04.2018 & 16.04.-17.04.2018
DP AGE-REG summer school 2018: Lecture and lab course “DNA sequencing and manipulation: News about our past, heritable diseases and potential future therapy” (Guest Prof. Hans Weiher)

DP AGE-REG winter school 2018: "Impact of genome sequencing"

Meeting of the DP AGE_REG Students  

Meeting of the DP AGE_REG Students  

10th MiPschool 2017, COST Action CA15203 MITOEAGLE Training School (Summer school, jointly organized with the DP AGE-REG) 

Meeting of the DP AGE_REG Students  

DP AGE-REG kick-off meeting and joint winter school "Novel targets in ageing research" (DP AGE-REG, EU project MediHealth)

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