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Particularities within the terms

Field: Authors    Seitenanfang

Syntax: [surname] OPERATOR [first name]
Example: <Green AND Thomas>

HINT: As far as possible, KALDI is provided by the original spelling of the authors' names, as well as diacritic signs. However, due to labor-effency, the names have to be entered in the form they appear in the different publications. Users have to face therefore two problems:

  • the same author can appear in KALDI under different spelling systems
  • diacritic signs (special characters) have to be entered in the search

In these cases the use of Fill-ins ("?", "*") are recommended:

Example: <AU=Ba?ares>
Result: data with the spelling "Banares" or "Bañares" and eventual titles with authors contain another letter in this place.

Members of the KALDI-staff make every effort to standardize different spellings of the same authors.

Field: Title    Seitenanfang

In this field you can search for every word contained in a title. The title-words have to be combined with operators.

Syntax: [title-word 1] [OPERATOR] [title-word 2]
Examples: <relation* AND dioces*>
<procedur* NOT CCEO 1990>
<parish OR community>

Field: Language    Seitenanfang

In the field "SP" you can search for the language of a publication or a text.

Syntax: [language (in German)]
Example: <lateinisch>

Combined search in the "BI":

Examples: <TI=(Forum AND internum) AND SP=englisch>
<SW=(CIC 1983 AND commentary) AND SP=italienisch>

Field: Editors    Seitenanfang

In the field "HG" you can search for the name(s) of the editors of a published text.

Syntax:   same as "Authors"

Field: dedication    Seitenanfang

In the field "WG" you can search of the name of a person that was honored with a Festschrift.

Syntax:   same as "Authors"

If an author was honored in several Festschriften in his/her life, the search can be specified by the entry of a publication year in field PJ1

Field: IN    Seitenanfang

In the field "IN" you can search for collected works whose relevant articles have been recorded.

Syntax: [title-word 11] OPERATOR [title-word 2]
Examples: <Democratic AND Catholic AND Church>
<Handbuch AND katholischen AND Kirchenrechts>

Field: Journals    Seitenanfang

In the field "INZS" you can search for the titles of journals in abbreviated or full format (list of journals).

If you search for the full form you have to combine the title-words with an "OPERATOR"

Syntax: [title-word 11] OPERATOR [title-word 2]

or [abbreviated title]
Examples: <Journal AND Church AND State>
<Quaderni AND diritto AND ecclesiale>

Field: Year of publication 1    Seitenanfang

In the field "PJ1" you can search for the publication of a certain year or period.

In case of articles that were republished you will find in the field the year of the first publication.

Syntax: [PJ1]

Examples: <1998>

Field: Key-words    Seitenanfang

In the field "SW" you can search for terms, personalities, church documents, canons, dioceses, church entities, councils, synods of bishops, particular churches, countries.

Syntax: [key-word 1] [OPERATOR] [key-word2]
Examples: <bishop AND ecclesiastical associations>
<Ad tuendam fidem>
<Council of Chalcedon 451>

Particularities within the terms    Seitenanfang


Syntax: [canon number codex year of promulgation]
Examples: <can. 17 CIC 1917>
<can. 1095 CIC 1983>
<can. 20 CCEO 1990>


Syntax: [(Arch-)Diocese of name]
Examples: <Archdiocese of Philadelphia>
<Diocese of Innsbruck>

Roman Congregations and Councils

Syntax: [congregation or papal council - matter of concern]
Examples: <congregation - faith>
<congregation - clergy>
<papal council - laity>
<papal council - family>

Councils and Synods

Syntax: [Council (of) place year]
Examples: <Council of Chalcedon 451>
<Council Lateran 1139>
<Council Vatican 1962-1965>

Synods of Bishops

Syntax: [Synod of Bishops year]
Examples: <Synod of Bishops 1987>
<Synod of Bishops 1994>

Local Churches

Syntax: [church in country]
Examples: <church in Austria>
<church in USA>
<church in Latin America>

Relationship between Church and State

Syntax: [church - state - country or term]
Examples: <church - state - Austria>
<church - state - USA>
<church - state - history>
<church - state - separation>


Syntax: [concordat - country]
Examples: <concordat - Austria>
<concordat - Germany>
<concordat - Bavaria>

Ecclesiastical Law

Syntax: [ecclesiastical law - country]
Examples: <ecclesiastical law - Germany>
<ecclesiastical law - Austria>
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