Help : Fields : Names and abbreviations

Abbr.:    Field names:
AU Author(s) (surename, first name)
TI Title (of an article, a monograph or a whole collected work)
SP Language
HG Editor
WG Dedication (honored of a Festschrift)
EO Place of publication
VE Publishing house
IN Title of the collected work that contains an article
INZS Name of the journal or periodical that contains an article
BN Volume number of a journal or periodical
HN Issue number of a journal or periodical
PJ1 Year of publication or first publication of an article to be published later in a collected work
PJ2 Year of publication of a collected work of articles already published
R1 Serie 1
RB1 Volume number of serie 1
R2 Serie 2
RB2 Volume number of serie 2
ISBN ISBN-number
SW Key-word(s)
REZ Reference to reviews
CRD Date of registration
KAT Category
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