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Erasmus+ Outgoing


For information regarding the application process please visit the German website.


Our Erasmus partner cities:

 Language skills                           
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela BA, MA Spanish B1
Institut d'Études Politiques de Grenoble BA, MA French B2
Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Reims)
(only every two years: 2022/23, 2024/25, 2026/27, 2028/29, 2030/31...)
BA, MA English C1
French C1
Università degli Studi di Bologna BA Italian A2
English B1
Università degli Studi di Pavia BA, MA Italian B1
University of Warsaw BA, MA  English B2
University of Lapland, Arctic Centre BA, MA English B1
Middle East Technical University (METU) BA, MA English B1
Okan University BA, MA English B1
Loughborough University BA, MA English B2
University College Dublin BA
English B1
Norwegian University of Science and Technology BA, MA English B2


For further questions please contact the Erasmus Coordinator of our Department:

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Camilla Mariotto

Contact information:

(Please send your requests per e-mail!)

For more information regarding Erasmus+ please contact the International Relations Office (IRO) at the University of Innsbruck.  


Erasmus+ Incoming

Erasmus Incomings find any information regarding their stay on the webpage of the International Relations Office (IRO).


University of New Orleans (UNO)



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Further Opportunities

For more information please consider the webpage of the University's International Relations Office:

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