Europäische Union & Europäische Regionale Zusammenarbeit

Jean Monnet Chair

Jean Monnet Chair for European integration studies

The research cluster of the Innsbruck Center for European Research ( brings together research and university teaching facilities on European integration and European Union studies. ICER aims to strengthen the critical and multidisciplinary analysis of the EU, examine the EU’s frameworks for polyarchic, multi-level, -channel, and –actor governance, provide a forum to stimulate the development of innovative analytical tools and teaching resources, increase the accessibility of information sources on the EU, and to stimulate the debate and research on the EU. ICER is an integral part of Innsbruck University’s Research Platform Organizations & Society (, and cooperates with the Research Area “Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts” (, the Research Area Research Area Alpine Space - Man and Environment ( ), and the Research Centers “European Integration”, “Federalism – Politics and Law”.

Research carried out by ICER focuses on three core subjects:

Development of and theorizing the EU's primary law and its related socio-political bases


Decision-making processes, negotiation strategies and conceptual problems regarding the implementation of EU policies

Policy preferences of state and civil-society actors in the EU member states


Prof. Dr. Andreas Maurer, Jean Monnet Chair and Head of ICER

Ass. Prof. Dr. Camilla Mariotto

Dr. Doris Dialer

Prof. Dr. Annegret Eppler

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Neisser

Michael Wolf, MA


Associated members

Ambassador Prof. Dr. Michael Reiterer

Dr. Gaby Umbach