About Christian Weidemann

1971 born in Bremen (Germany)

1991 Abitur in Unna

1991/92 alternative civilian service Fachklinik für Kinderneurologie und Sozialpädiatrie Unna-Königsborn

1992-1999 Courses in Philosophy, German Philology, Ancient History and Protestant Theology at Münster University, 1993-1999 Master Thesis: New Work on the Problem of Evil

2000-2006 Ph.D. programme Münster University, Thesis: The Indispensability of Natural Theology (supervisor: Peter Rohs)

2003- 2005 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Philosophy Department (Prof. Siep); Start of teaching career

2004-2008 Tutor graduate course Applied Ethics

ab 2006  Fellow of the Center for the Philosophy of Science Münster, 2008/ 2009 Mitarbeiter

2007 Co-organisator of a conference of European networks Nano2Life and NanoBio-RAISE on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of nanobiotechnology, founded by the European Union, and of a summer school for young researchers on the same topic, founded by the German Federal Ministery of Education and Research

2007-2009 Mitarbeiter DFG-Project Johann Joachim Spalding (Critical Edition), supervisor: Albrecht Beutel

2009-2015 Mitarbeiter, Department Philosophy of Religion ( Roman-Catholic Theology) Ruhr-University Bochum; DFG-projekt „Infinitas-Dei“ (head: Christian Tapp), since 2013 Templeton-Project „Randomness and Divine Providence“

2016 Universitäts-Assistent University of Innsbruck

Awards, Grants

PhD Grant, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, 2000-2003

Karl Alber-Award 2007 for the best German Philosophical Dissertation/Postdoctoral Thesis of the Year

St Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology (June 15 – July 2, 2010), John Templeton Foundation

Can Petitionary Prayer Change the Past? (co-leader: Prof. Christian Tapp) [“Analytic Theology: The Convergence of Philosophy and Theology”; John Templeton Foundation]

FIDE-Master (Chess) 2015