International Symposium “Multiple Religious Belonging: Philosophical Perspectives”, 7-8 June 2016

There is no doubt about the existence of manifold forms of “practical inclusivism” between religions, i.e. the adoption of ideas and practices from other religions. But can there be something like “multiple religious belonging”, i.e. the full belonging or adherence to more than one religion? And can it be rational (and in what sense)? Multiple religious belonging is usually seen as a topic for religious studies and the theology of religions; the principal approach of this symposium, however, is from the side of the philosophy of religion – in its Western as well as its Eastern traditions.

Speakers: Ursula Baatz (Vienna/A), Stefan Bauberger (Munich/D), Reinhold Bernhardt (Basel/CH), Chen Lisheng (Guangzhou/PRC), Li Lanfen (Guangzhou/PRC), Winfried Löffler (Innsbruck/A), Zheng Shuhong (Guangzhou/PRC).

University of Innsbruck, Karl-Rahner-Platz 1, 1st floor, Dekanatssitzungssaal.

Detailed program

Free admission. No registration required. Students are warmly welcome.

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