Degree Program

For an overview of all course descriptions for the entire academic year, including Winter and Summer Semesters, click here.

 Compulsory modules include:

Foundations of Philosophy of Religion (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • The big questions in philosophy of religion
  • Classical texts in the philosophy of religion (seminar)

Faith and Reason (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • Epistemology and religion
  • Science and religion (seminar)

Critical Analysis of Worldviews (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • Metaphysics, philosophy of language, and religion
  • Classical and contemporary criticism of religion (seminar)

Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • Advanced issues in contemporary philosophy of religion
  • Contemporary texts in the philosophy of religion (seminar)

The Philosophy of Religious Traditions (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • Jewish and Islamic philosophy
  • Philosophy of the religions (seminar)

Religion, Culture, and Society (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • Religion, culture, society
  • Philosophical approaches to inclusion and diversity (seminar)

Elective modules include:

In addition to compulsory modules, students select elective modules amounting to a total of 30 ECTS-credits.

Elective module 1: Philosophy of the Good Life (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

  • Conceptions of a good life
  • Philosophy, religion, spirituality (seminar)

Elective module 2: Religion and Ethics (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

Elective module 3: Interdisciplinary Aspects of Philosophy of Religion (2 courses, 10 ECTS-credits)

Instead of the elective modules 1, 2 or 3 the following options may be freely selected:

Interdisciplinary Skills module (IS): Interdisciplinary courses offered at the University of Innsbruck or chosen freely from curricula of domestic and foreign post-secondary educational institutions (20 ECTS-credits).

Individual Choice of Specialization (ICS): Freely selected modules from the curricula of the master's and or diploma programmes offered at the University of Innsbruck (10 ECTS-credits).

In the interest of acquiring international or intercultural competences, it is recommended, if possible, to complete all or part of the coursework for the individual specialisation through equivalent coursework at foreign post-secondary educational institutions.

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