Publikationen von Federica Malfatti

Malfatti, F., Jäger, C. (eds.) (voraussichtlich 2019): "Themes from Elgin". Synthese, Special Issue.

Malfatti, F. (forthcoming 2018): "On the epistemological potential of Worrall’s structural realism". In: Philosophical Inquiries, 2018, 2.

Malfatti, F., Jäger, C. (forthcoming 2018): "Der Wert des Wissens". In: Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie, M. Grajner (Hrsg.), J. B. Metzler, Stuttgart.

Malfatti, F. (2018): "Scientific realism as the most reasonable choice?". In: Isonomia - Epistemologica. Online Philosophical Journal of the University of Urbino.

Malfatti, F. (2016): Willard van Orman Quine e l’incertezza ontologica. Mimesis, Milano (120 p.).

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«Epistemic authority, testimony, and the transmission of understanding»

«Can testimony generate understanding?»

«Understanding felicitous falsehoods» (with Christoph Jäger)