Dear students of my lectures "How new is New Atheism?" (FFDI ZG, Summer term 2012),


Here is a pdf of my powerpoint slides, slightly corrected, in 2 versions: Black and White (900kb) and Colour (1.8MB). (These pdf's contain also the repetition questions 1-25, at the end).

And here is my Croatian article "Spektar darvinizama" (in: Diacovensia 20 (2012), br.1, 7-24).


Please consider that this is copyrighted material which is for your personal study use only. Before using it for other tasks or passing it on to other people, please ask me.

Please do also not lay any links towards this page; I don't want to see my intellectual property limitlessly accessible and perhaps misused.

With the best wishes for your exams and beyond,                              Prof. W.Löffler

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