Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph JÄGER

Department of Christian Philosophy
Karl-Rahner-Platz 1
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 507-8520
Fax: +43 512 507-2736
E-mail: christoph.jaeger@uibk.ac.at

Office hours: by appointment

Areas of specialization

Epistemology; philosophy of religion; meta-emotions; free will

I am working on an anti-authoritarian account of epistemic authority which I call the 'inquirer model of epistemic authority'. An example is 'Socratic epistemic authority'. (See my “Epistemic Authority, Preemptive Reasons, and Understanding”, Episteme 13, 2016). My projects in the philosophy of mind include a theory of meta-emotions.

Areas of competence

History of modern philosophy (Descartes, Thomas Reid); medieval philosophy (Augustine, Boethius, Aquinas, Louis de Molina); philosophy of language

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