research fellow in Analytic Theology Project (John Templeton Foundation)

Department of Christian Philosophy
Karl-Rahner-Platz 1 (room EG03)
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel. +43 512 507-8535

Research interests

In my PhD project I am dealing with Christian prayer, which I understand as an attempt of the praying person for a deepened relationship to the one God that is three Persons. Christian prayer is not only of exceptional meaning for the religious life of individual Christians, but also for their communal life. Praying to the one God who is three Persons is central across confessional differences and therefore becomes a possible answer to the question, what constitutes a Christian. It is therefore all the more surprising to find relatively few philosophical and fundamental theological works which deal with this important topic. The aim of my PhD project is to make a philosophical and fundament theological contribution to this topic. The focus on Christian prayer is important, as prayer is connected indivisibly with the concept of God of the praying person, which is why I will also refer to the implications for the doctrine of God. Prayer is thus understood as a religious act which aims at a deepened relationship to something transcendent – to the Christian God who is three Persons.

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