Univ.-Ass. Dr. phil. habil. Georg GASSER

Main editor European Journal for Philosophy of Religion
Main editoer Zeitschrift für Katholische Theologie (ZKTh)
Project leader “Theistic Belief, Atheistic Belief and Standards of Rationality”
Project Advisor of the  The Pantheism and Panentheism Project (2017-2019)

E-mail: georg.gasser (at) uibk.ac.at

Research interests

My primary areas of research are contemporary action theory, the metaphysics of the human person and its impact on applied ethics, with secondary interests in the Aristotelian-Scholastic philosophical tradition (especially questions concerning free will and the human soul).

Particularly questions like the following twist my mind:
- Are free actions uncaused?
- Are our reasons for the action the causes of the action?
- Is it possible to reduce reasons for an action to physiological processes?
- Are human persons mere organisms?
- Are we mental substances contingently having a body?
- What is the traditional Aristotelian-Scholastic concept of the human soul about?
- Are there criteria for clearly determining the beginning and the end of the human person?

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