Project Description

Comprised of scholars and professional in the fields of philosophy, metaphysics, cognitive science, analytic ontology, theology, psychology, psychiatry, developmental neurobiology, and medicine, the core group aspires to have a major impact on scientists working on the analysis of issues of human life. Through colloquia series, courses, seminars, public lectures and conferences members invite discussion and consideration of subjects such as scientific and religious perspectives on the philosophy of mind and the meaning of personhood, and neurobiological and religious insights into the human person. Activities of the group target students, encouraging thoughtful and thorough exploration of biological and philosophical/ethical questions. Additionally, a reading group for graduate students and young researchers addresses questions of psychology, medicine, and biology from religious perspectives. The group also invites outstanding scientists and researchers to join the discussions and contribute their insights. Networking with other LSI groups in Germany to promote collaboration is also being pursued. Publications resulting from meetings and public events will be produced into an edited volume for distribution. Matching funds are provided by the Austrian Science Fund, the University of Innsbruck, the Austrian Federal ministry for Education, Science and Culture, and the Provincial Governments of Tyrol and Lower Austria.

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