Participants in the Research Group on the Soul and the New Naturalistic Challenge

Foto LSI Innsbruck

(From the left: Niederbacher, Quitterer, Goller, Runggaldier, Löffler, Gasser, Kanzian, Wang, Schick)

The Local Societies Initiative Innsbruck is the local group of the LSI-Network, funded by the Metanexus Institutes for interdisciplinary dialogues between religion and science.

From the Institute for Christian Philosophy :

Prof. Dr. Josef Quitterer: Leader of the LSI-Group

MMag. Georg Gasser: Secretary of the LSI-Group

Dr. Joseph Wang: Webmaster & assisting secretary

Prof. Dr. Hans Goller

Prof. Dr. Christian Kanzian

Prof. DDr. Winfried Löffler

Prof. Dr. Otto Muck

Dr. Bruno Niederbacher

Prof. Dr. Edmund Runggaldier

Mag. Benedikt Schick

Prof. Mag. Dr. Roman Siebenrock

Matthias Stefan

Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Wandinger


Prof. Dr. Günther Rager, from the Unit of Anatomy of the Department of Medicine in the University of Fribourg

Prof. Dr. Hartmann Hinterhuber from the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical University Innsbruck

Institute for Scientific Issues Related to Philosophy and Theology of the Munich School of Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Werner-Felmayer, Innsbruck Biocenter, Area Biochemistry and Chemistry


IFOMIS, Saarbrücken: Barry Smith

Università Cattolica di Milano: Prof. Sergio Galvan, Prof. Antonella Corradini

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