"Philosophical Dimensions of Trust"
International Workshop at the University of Innsbruck

15-16 December 2016
Location: Claudiana, 1st floor, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3, 6020 Innsbruck

Trust is a crucial feature of human relationships – without it society would break down. Because
of this it is also central to many academic disciplines. The workshop “Philosophical Dimensions of
Trust” uses the tools of analytic philosophy to shed light on the nature, function, and norms of
trust. An international spectrum of philosophers from a variety of areas will discuss such topics as:

• the concept, nature, and norms of trust
• trust and testimony
• trust and action
• trust and power relations
• religious trust
• trust and the imagination
• trust and human value

Speakers include:

Trent Dougherty, Baylor University
Sanford Goldberg, Northwestern University
John Greco, St. Louis University
Amber Griffioen, University of Constance
Christoph Jäger, University of Innsbruck
Jesper Kallestrup, University of Edinburgh
Mari Mikkola, Humboldt University
Alessandra Tanesini, Cardiff University
Katherine Dormandy, University of Innsbruck

Attendance is free, but since space is limited please indicate your interest in attending with an
email to katherine.dormandy@uibk.ac.at

  Conference program

December 14, 2016:
Guest lecture by Elisabeth Fricker (Oxford): The prices and perils of trusting others, 18:00, Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

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