Olympus BH2 TM   Reichert Thermovar


Polarization microscopes
Reichert Thermovar®
Olympus BH-2 
Olympus BX-50

equipped with a Kofler hot stage

(Reichert/Olympus Optical GmbH, Vienna, A)






Kofler Hot Bench

(Reichert, Vienna, A)

  Kofler hot bench   

Linkam LTS 350

Linkam LTS 350


Linkam: (Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd, Surrey, England)

TP92  for precise temperature control

LNP 1: reduces the amount of liquid nitrogen used, and gives more repeatable results as the flow is continuously changed according to the set conditions.

Heating/Freezing Stage: Linkam LTS350


Surface Measurement System
VGI 2000M

 (Surface Measurement Systems Ltd, London, UK)

  VGI 2000M   

Image Analysis

Camera FviewII

  Zeiss Axioplan Microscope equipped with Maerzhaeuser Stage and Olympus Camera F-View II.
The Particles are being analyzed with Olympus Cell F Software.

Olympus ColorView III Camera could be coupled with any Olympus Microscope.

  Color View   

Olympus SZX12 


Stereo Microscope
Olympus SZ12



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