The courses on "Hot Stage Microscopy and Polymorphism in Theory and Practice" will be held at the University of Innsbruck, Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Josef-Moeller Haus, Innrain 52c, A-6020 Innsbruck.

Course language: English

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Course outline

  • Theory, principle, importance and applications of thermomicroscopic techniques

  • The hot stage microscope and hot-bench-state of the art operation

  • Become acquainted with the most important types of hot stages

  • Exact melting point determination of organic compounds

  • Concomitant phenomena during melting point determinations (realization, understanding)

  • Quick determination of a mixed melting point and an eutectic temperature

  • Identification of organic (drug-)substances using thermomicroscopic methods

  • Polymorphism and solvates (hydrates): theory, analytical and practical aspects

  • Observation of phase transitions: polymorphism, solvates (hydrates)

  • Analysis of binary systems (eutectics, molecular compounds, solid solutions) with the hot stage microscope (contact method according to Kofler)

  • Mesophases: Liquid crystalline compounds, plastic crystals


Optionally we can provide information about following topics:

  • Introduction to strategies in finding and characterizing polymorphic forms, hydrates and solvates

  • Introduction to analytical techniques in polymorphism research such as

    further analytical techniques:

    DSC/TGA, Powder X-ray diffraction, infrared-(micro)spectroscopy, Raman-spectroscopy and moisture sorption analysis (hydrates)

  • Interpretation of thermal analytical data and construction of energy-temperature diagrams 


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