Lectures and practical courses at the University of Innsbruck.


Introduction to Mathematic and Statistics

  • design and evaluation of experiments
  • statistical metrics
  • descriptive statistics
  • inferential statistics
  •  regression analysis


Exercises in analytical and clinical chemistry 

Learning and employing of various methods in the region of bioanalytics, clinical and chemical diagnostics


Pharmaceutical Aspects of Clinical Chemistry

  • Introduction to clinical chemistry
  • Clinical chemistry information of acute myocardial infract
  • Hematology
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • X-ray contrast drugs
  • General toxicology
  • Doping in sports


Modern methods of active ingredient research

Methods nowadays used in the drug discovery including: 

1. Target identification and target validation

2. Lead identification and optimization:

- Drug discovery from natural sources (e.g. plants, marine organisms, microbes, and animal sources)

- Applied synthetic methods (e.g. combinatorial synthesis, solid phase synthesis)

- Parallel synthesis (lead optimization)

3. Toxicological aspects during drug development

-Reactive drug metabolites

- Blocage of the hERG K+ receptor in the heart


Computer course II

Protein Data Bank / Daylight Smiles / ChemDraw Functions / LigandScout / Osiris Property Explorer / SEA


Computer-Assisted Methods in Drug Discovery

Methods and principles of virtual screening, model generation and evaluation, lead structure search, 3D molecular databases


Analysis of current research data I

Correct analysis for interpretation of sustained results of different research work


Discussion of current research data I

Correct discussion for interpretation of sustained results of different research work


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