1st European Calcium Channel Conference
Alpbach, Austria – May 16-19, 2012

Thank you for attending our meeting!

We would like to thank you all for attending the ECCC Meeting 2012! We had a busy time full of amazing speakers, workshops and delegates. Due to the success and your feedback we will meet again in Alpbach 2015.

ECCC 2012:

The European Calcium Channel Conference 2012 focussed on voltage-gated calcium channels and other structurally related ion channels involved in calcium signaling in excitable cells. It brought together the leaders in the field and young researchers in the heart of the Austrian Alps to discuss the latest developments in ion channel research. Technical workshops, posters and social activities complemented the meeting program. Find a short review (in german), the 2012 meeting program and a link to our meeting pictures here!

The European Calcium Channel Conference will be organized every three years, alternating with the International Calcium Channel Conferences (http://www.calciumchannel.com).

We thank our Conference Sponsors!

Confirmed participants/speakers:

  • K. Aktories, Freiburg
  • J.A. Beavo, Seattle
  • M. Biel, Munich
  • E. Carbone, Torino
  • W.A. Catterall, Univ. of Washington
  • N. Dascal, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv
  • A. Dolphin, Univ. College London
  • J. Engel, Homburg
  • B. Fakler, Freiburg
  • B. Fleischmann, Bonn
  • V. Flockerzi, Homburg
  • B. E. Flucher, Innsbruck
  • K. Groschner, Graz
  • T. Gudermann, LMU Munich
  • P. Hegemann, Berlin
  • F. Hofmann, TU Munich
  • Y. Kirichok, UCSF
  • K. L. Laugwitz, TU Munich
  • P. Lipp, Homburg
  • B. Liss, Univ. of Ulm
  • M. Mangoni, CNRS, Montpellier
  • Y. Mori, Kyoto University
  • B. Nilius, KU Leuven
  • D. Pietrobon, Padova
  • A. Rajadhyaksha, Cornell University
  • D. Ren, Univ. Pennsylvania
  • C. Romanin, Univ. Linz
  • J.E. Schultz, Tübingen
  • H.-S. Shin, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  • T.W. Soong, Singapore
  • J. Striessnig, Innsbruck
  • H. Takeshima, Kyoto University
  • D. Trauner, Univ. LMU Munich
  • P. Tuluc, Innsbruck
  • M. Valverde, Barcelona
  • C. Wahl, LMU Munich
  • G. Zamponi, Univ. Calgary
  • M.X. Zhu, Univ. of Houston
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