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3rd European Calcium Channel Conference
Alpbach, Austria – May 9 - 12, 2018

The European Calcium Channel Conference 2018 will focus on voltage-gated calcium channels and other structurally related ion channels involved in calcium signaling in excitable cells. Like in the successful first two conferences in 2012 and 2015 it will bring together the leaders in the field and young researchers at a fantastic setting in the Austrian Alps to discuss the latest developments in ion channel research. Special topics, a guided poster session (with 5 min presentations of each poster) and social activities will complement the meeting program (download flyer). Additional short talks will be selected from abstracts. Already confirmed participants are listed below.

Deadline for abstract submission: March 15, 2018
Registration is now open !

We would be happy to welcome you at this meeting.

The European Calcium Channel Conference is organized every three years, alternating with the International Calcium Channel Conferences (

Before the ECCC-2018 a Neuroscience Satellite Symposium, the Joint Meeting of Austrian Neuroscience Consortia (May 7 - 9, 2018), also with excellent plenary speakers, organized by two Austrian Neurosience excellence programs is scheduled. Attendance of this meeting is free for registered ECCC-2018 participants. Please submit the completed registration and housing form for the Joint Meeting of Austrian Neuroscience Consortia by fax or email to Katharina Dander ( Registration for this meeting is also now open and free of charge until February 1, 2018.

Confirmed participants:  

K.B. Beam, UCD Colorado
M. Biel, LMU Munich
E. Carbone, UNITO Turin
W.A. Catterall, Washington University
R. Colbran, Vanderbilt University Nashville
H. Colecraft, Columbia University
N. Dascal, Tel Aviv University
M. Dell‘Acqua, UCD Colorado
J. Deussing, Max-Planck Institute Munich
I. Dick, JHU Baltimore
A. Dolphin, UCL
J. Engel, UKS Homburg
V. Flockerzi, PZMS Homburg
B.E. Flucher, MU Innsbruck
M. Freichel, University of Heidelberg
A. Galione University of Oxford
T. Gudermann, LMU Munich
J.W. Hell, UC Davis
A. Koschak, Innsbruck University
A. Lee, University of Iowa
B. Liss, Ulm University
M. Mark, Ruhr University Bochum
S. Michalakis, LMU Munich
T. Moser, University Medical Center Göttingen
M. Navedo, UC Davis
G. Obermair, MU Innsbruck
D. Pietrobon, University of Padua
A. Rajadhyaksha, Cornell University
D. Ren, PENN Philadelphia 
P. Ruth, University of Tübingen
L.F. Santana, UC Davis
J. Siemens, University of Heidelberg
M. Shapiro, UTH San Antonio
H.S. Shin, IBS Seoul
T. W. Soong, NU Singapore
J. Striessnig, LFU Innsbruck
B.C. Suh, DGIST Daegu
R.W. Tsien, NYU
P. Tuluc, LFU Innsbruck
F. Van Petegem, UBC Vancouver
C. Wahl-Schott, LMU Munich
H. Xu, University of Michigan
J. Yang, Columbia University
G. Zamponi, University of Calgary
M. Zhu, UTH Texas


Symposia and Special Topics

  • Voltage-gated Ca2+ Channels
  • Ca2+ Channels in Disease
  • Ca2+ Cannels as Drug Targets
  • Endolysosomal Ion Channels
  • Single Molecules and Structure

 Location: Congress Centre Alpbach, Number 246, 6236 Alpbach, Austria

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