Sonja SturmSonja STURM, Mag. pharm. Dr.
Assistant Professor

Institute of Pharmacy/Pharmacognosy
University of Innsbruck
Center for Chemistry and Biomedicine
Innrain 80 - 82/IV
Room: L.04.042
6020 Innsbruck / Austria

Phone: +43 512 507 - 58408 | Fax: +43 512 507 - 58499


Key Publications
  • C. Seger, M. Godejohann, L.H. Tseng, M. Spraul, A. Girtler, S. Sturm, H. Stuppner (2005): The LC-DAD-MS/SPE-NMR hyphenation: A tool for the analysis of pharmaceutically used plant extracts: Identification of isobaric iridoid glycoside regioisomers from Harpagophytum procumbens. Anal. Chem., 77, 878-885.

  • C. Seger, S. Sturm, H. Stuppner, T.M. Butt, H. Strasser (2004): Combination of a new sample preparation strategy and an accelerated high-performance liquid chromatography assay with photodiode array and mass spectrometric detection for the determination of destruxins from Metarhizium anisopliae culture broth. J. Chromatogr. A, 1061, 35-43.

  • C. Seger, S. Sturm, E.M. Strasser, E. Ellmerer, H. Stuppner (2004): 1H and 13C NMR signal assignment of benzyl-isoquinoline alkaloids from Fumaria officinalis L. (Papaveraceae). Magn. Reson. Chem. 42, 882-886.

  • C. Seger, S. Sturm, E. Haslinger, H. Stuppner (2004): A new cucurbitacin D related 16,23-epoxy derivative and its isomerization products. Org. Lett. 6, 633-636.

  • S. Sturm, V. Taglioli, A.R. Bilia, F. Vinceri, H. Stuppner (2003): Analysis of alkaloids in Ipecacuanhae radix and preparations by capillary zone electrophoresis. J. Sep. Sci. 26, 1175-1179.

  • Zidorn, C., Sturm, S., Dawson, J.W., van Klink, J.W., Stuppner, H., Perry, N.B. (2002):  Chemosystematic investigations of irregular diterpenes in Anisotome and related New Zealand Apiaceae. Phytochemistry 59, 293-304.

  • Sturm, S., Stuppner, H. (2001): Analysis of iridoid glycosides from Picrorhiza kurroa  by capillary electrophoresis and high performance liquid chromatography - mass Spectrometry. Chromatographia 53, 612-618.

  • Sturm, S., Stuppner, H. (2000): Analysis of cucurbitacins in medicinal plants by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Phytochemical Analysis 11, 121-127.

  • Sturm, S., Stuppner, H. (1999): Analysis of flavonols of Sedum telephium L. leaves by capillary electrophoresis and HPLC-mass spectrometry. Chromatographia 50, 433-438.

  • Sturm, S., Stuppner, H. (1998): Analysis of isoquinoline alkaloids in medicinal plants by capillary electrophoresis – mass spectrometry. Electrophoresis 19, 3026-3032.

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