Fabian MayrFabian MAYR, Mag.pharm.
PhD student

Institute of Pharmacy/Pharmacognosy
University of Innsbruck
Center for Chemistry and Biomedicine
Innrain 80 - 82/IV
Room: L.04.130
6020 Innsbruck / Austria

Phone: +43 512 507 - 58254 | Fax: +43 512 507 - 58499
Email: f.mayr@uibk.ac.at

Research interests
  • Team member of the project IPN55: „ExPoApple2 – Exploring the Potential of Apple dihydrochalcones on novel cosmetical, nutritional and pharmaceutical applications (Euregio Science Fund)“
  • Computer-aided activity profilig of natural products
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of novel bioactive chemical compounds extracted from natural sources
  • Structure activity relationship of natural products



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