Internes Fortbildungsprogramm 2010/2011

English-speaking students in your office?
Improve your communication skills 


Course code:


Deadline for registration:

24th August 2010


14th and 21st September 2010


9.00 – 12.00 (8 units)


Hauptgebäude, Innrain 52, 1. Stock, Senatssitzungssaal (Raumnummer 1050)

Target group:

  • German-speaking university staff who need English when speaking to students from abroad
  • Medium level of English required
  • Up to 12 participants


Increased confidence and proficiency when speaking with students from abroad

Course content:               

  • Common situations such as greetings, inquiries, giving information and instructions, apologizing and being polite, either in person or on the phone, are activated and practiced.
  • The awareness for linguistic differences between German and English speakers is raised.
  • Cultural  “traps” are discussed so that future conversations may run more smoothly and successfully.

Seminar leader:

Mag.a Cornelia Öfner-Mairhofer
Sprach- und Übersetzungsinstitut Comm'on