University Certificate Course

Transrational Methods of Peace Research:
The Researcher as (Re)source





Facilitator: Norbert Koppensteiner


This workshop applies the principles of transrationality and elicitive transformation to a research setting and asks the crucial question how the researcher can turn into a viable (re)source during the research process. It is based on the transpersonal assumption that academic research can provide both informational gain and also opportunities for transformation of researcher, audience and, (if applicable) research participants. It deepens many of the aspects taught at the MA program and offers an advanced format for students and alumni.

Building on post-positivist epistemological premises, it is assumed that the position of any researcher needs to be contextualized in order to make visible unexamined biases and assumptions. During this workshop we want to innovatively complement this approach by adding the notion of the researcher as a resource that can be creatively tapped during the research process. Based on humanistic and transpersonal psychology and philosophy this workshop establishes alternative and complementary forms of knowing, investigates their expressions through (breath-, voice,- and movement-oriented) practices and focuses on the  integration of such findings into academic texts.

Together we will explore methodological considerations around Peace Research. Transrational research methods that add to the established qualitative and quantitative canon will be theoretically elaborated and practically applied. During this workshop participants will so gain a conceptual understanding of transrational research methods.

Participants also work on their own individual research projects. In this part of the workshop experientially oriented segments that aim at exploring the own research topic through complementary means of knowing will alternate with segments aimed at finding the own voice and writing style so as to transform experiential findings into textual elements. 



  1. At least one completed semester in the MA Program for Peace Studies
  2. A research topic and question
  3. Openness to see the own research as a holistic adventure of information and transformation.


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Location: Grillhof Seminar Center, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Vill/Igls