University Certificate Course

Elicitive Facilitation – Concepts, Qualities and Skills




Facilitator: Norbert Koppensteiner 

 Elicitive Facilitation means the provision of a safe container in which the resonant voices of clients can emerge. It means the creation of a space where transformation can occur through the communal exploration of new options for how to engage in conflictive situations. It equally implies the provision of a space and the corresponding methods that allow clients a letting go of the masks of the persona, fostering a transformation of personal and collective shadow aspects and an unfolding of potentials. 

This workshop focuses on the facilitator as space-holder. It offers an advanced format for students and alumni of the MA Program for Peace Studies who want to further refine their competences as peace and conflict workers. Conceptually it focuses on a deepened understanding of elicitive facilitation. In practical terms it aims at refining participants’ qualities and skills as facilitators.

The course proceeds in feedback loops between conceptual learning, reflection and the active practice of methods introduced. The main part of the course focuses on understanding and active practice of facilitation. Topics addressed include: to create and hold a space in an elicitive manner; facilitating group dynamics; working with empathy and resonance; process-oriented facilitation; facilitating shadow aspects; dynamics of healing and unfolding; transpersonal aspects of facilitation.  

This course picks up on the breath- voice- and movement-oriented practices that are introduced in the Master Program’s Modular Period V and introduces them in an advanced format from a facilitator’s perspective. Knowledge on the transrational peace philosophy, elicitive conflict transformation and the working principles of elicitive conflict mapping is presupposed. Most of the course will be taught workshop style. Openness for self-exploration, group dynamics, willingness to engage with the own shadow aspects and to hold space for others therefore are required.   

This course is offered by the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Innsbruck, as a University Course of 5 ECTS.  If taken for credit the completion of a subsequent reflection paper is required.   

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Location: Grillhof Seminar Center, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Vill/Igls