University Certificate Course

The Art of Elicitive Conflict Mapping

ECM Mindmap


Facilitators: Josefina Echavarría-Alvarez, Norbert Koppensteiner 


Introducing the approach of Elicitive Conflict Mapping this workshop brings together the transrational peace philosophy with elicitive conflict transformation and provides concrete tools and practices for conflict work.

Elicitive conflict mapping (ECM) is based on the fundamental principle that elicitive transformation does not develop or offer ready-made content solutions for the episode of the conflict, but creates a safe space for the parties to work on the necessary changes in their relations, find orientation and recognize new and concrete courses of action in order to address the conflict epicenter. In this context, ECM appears as a crucial instrument that helps peace workers – including students, researchers, facilitators and trainers – to orient themselves in the complex reality of the conflict. ECM is not a classical mapping tool, but is closer to mind mapping, which makes both the process of mapping and the results useful for practical application in the analysis of the conflict landscape of themes, levels and layers. Moreover, ECM has as one of its main purposes to support the conflict process of choosing an appropriate tool for facilitation. Whenever there is a peace intervention, elicitive conflict workers turn into agents of change within the conflict system itself, with the inevitable consequence that they, too, will be transformed.

During the workshop participants will gain a conceptual understanding of the layers, levels and principles of ECM. To refine their profile as peace workers participants will furthermore work experientially with selected breath- voice- and movement-oriented practices for conflict transformation.  

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Location: Grillhof Seminar Center, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Vill/Igls