Sabrina Rebecca Stein

Sabrina Rebecca Stein

Univ.- & MA, Student Advisor, Research Fellow

Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Innsbruck

Phone: +43 (0)676 872 539 702


Sabrina R. Stein M.A., is a doctorate student, working for the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies and MA Program in Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck, as student advisor and MA program assistant. She is a member of the Research Center Peace and Conflict Studies and the head of the Austrian Association for Research and Experimental Studies on Peaces and Elicitive Conflict (AA RESPECT e.V.).

Sabrina committed her work and research to the relevance of death & dying in communities, societies and individually. She is interested in what we can learn from being in authentic contact with being human, life and with death and dying, accompanying others and ourselves through symbolical and physical death, also for the context of elicitive peace and conflict work. She is trained as a wilderness & vision quest guide, in  initiatory process facilitation in the tradition of the School of Lost Borders and inspired by conscious dance practices, initiatory process facilitation. Fruther she is trained in nonviolent communication after Marshall Rosenberg.

Outside of Peace and Conflict Studies her educational and working background in Business and Economics includes experience in the fields of conventional and sustainable Business Organizations Models, Economic Systems, Administration, Controlling and Logistics, Organisational Psychology, Process and Supply Chain Management, as well as Change Management with an systemic understanding.


 News, Reflections & Events

Logo Taboo Suizid      
Upcomming Nov. 2020

Learningspace GECKO - für Gemeinschaftsbildung & Konfliktkultur

Collective and Co-creative Learning Space for co-housing communities that aims for social, ecological and economic sustainability and also welcomes interested members of other intentional communities.

GECKO GrafikThe gathering provides space for offering different practices of caring for healthy community relations and for reflecting on their value and fields of application; learning about community in an interactive way and/or equipping the participants with tools and practices for Communitybuilding and Conflict Culture. 

Organized by InKonTra - InKonTra steht für Interkulturelle Konflikttransformation und Friedensarbeit. Core team Manuel Graça, Julia Felder, Sabrina R. Stein (Alumni of the MA Peace Studies Innsbruck)

Upcomming 07. Nov. 2020

7. Innsbrucker Fachtagung "Tabu Suizid - wir reden darüber", Innsbruck - Arbeitskreis „Suizid und der Weg damit Frieden zu finden“

Wer bin ich nach dem Suizid eines Mitmenschens? Was bleibt, was stirbt? Mit Hilfe von Kunst machen wir unser eigenes Bild vom Suizid; was war, ist und was bleibt.

Ausgerichtet pro mente tirol und Haus der Begegnung. Die Fachtagung dient dem Informations- und Erfahrungsaustausch und bietet einen Begegnungsraum für Hinterbliebene und professionelle Helfer. Wir reden über die Themen Suizid, Krisen, Trauer und psychische Krankheit und durchbrechen so den Kreislauf Tabu - Einsamkeit - Schmerz.

Wann & Wo: Samstag, 7. November 2020, 9.00 – 17.15 Uhr, Haus der Begegnung, Rennweg 12, Innsbruck. Die Arbeitskreise am Nachmittag finden zum Teil in der pro mente tirol, Karl-Schönherr-Str. 3, Innsbruck statt.

Anmeldung & weitere Informationen hier



PAST EVENT - Dez. 2019

OPEN INVITATION - Film Presentation of the insightful documentary "Griefwalker", followed by time to share whatever there is in connection to the topic on death & dying.

Time - 12th of December 2019, 16:00-18:00 pm
Place - Seminarraum der FSS, Bruno Sander Haus, OG 5, Innsbruck University


Fachtagung Taboo Suizid

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