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UNDP - Iraq
Education for Peace in the Iraqi Higher Education System


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) funded project Education for Peace in the Iraqi Higher Education System is implemented by the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies in collaboration with the Iraqi Al Amal Association as well as the Iraqi Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research. The project has four comprehensive components to facilitate the establishment of Peace and Conflict Studies for reconciliation in Iraq:

  1. The Development and Implementation of Curricula in Peace and Conflict Studies at Iraqi Universities
  2. The translation and Development of Peace and Conflict Studies Teaching and Research Materials
  3. The Development of an Elicitive Peace and Conflict Monitoring Tool
  4. The Training of Youth Capacities in Conflict Transformation

Within the project framework the University of Innsbruck is in charge of implementing components one and three, while the Iraqi Al Amal Associatoin is in lead of components two and four. Academic partners in project include the University of Anbar, Babylon, Baghdad, Basra, Duhook, Mosul, KarbalaKufa, and Tirkit.

Furthermore, the Universtiy of Innsbruck supports the human capacity building efforts for Peace Studies in Iraq through scholarships for Iraqi Students at the University of Innsbruck.


Iraq is a country with a conflict-torn history from colonialism, to the regime of Saddam Hussein, the foreign invasion led by the US-American coalition, and the rise of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). The long- term Kurdish conflict, as well as ethno-political conflicts amongst Sunni- and Shiite lines, have all contributed to the evolvement of a socio-political status quo that has left many communities and society at large traumatized and divided. This project aims at strengthening Iraqi capacities for the transformation of these conflicts and reconciliation.

Project History

The UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies was first approached with the request to facilitate the development of Peace and Conflict Studies in Iraq after the Iraqi government had declared victory over ISIS in December 2017. After a preparatory phase between January and September 2018, the United Nations Development Program awarded the Iraqi Al Amal Association and the University of Innsbruck with funding for the initial project phase from October 2018 to March 2019. During this project period a practitioner pilot Diploma Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies was developed at the University of Baghdad. Furthermore, academics from eight further Iraqi Universities have undergone a basic training for Peace and Conflict Studies in Iraq. The foundation of Diploma Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Universities of Anbar and Tikrit in parallel to the national pilot project in Baghdad are indicators of the grant success of this joint effort of all partners involved. As of July 2019 a further project grant was awarded to the Iraqi Al Amal Association and the University of Innsbruck, who in addition to teaching now also develop a research component for elicitive peace and conflict monitoring in Iraq.

For more information regarding this project please contact:

Head of Project Wolfgang Dietrich: Wolfgang.Dietrich@uibk.ac.at
Project Manager Adham Hamed: Adham.Hamed@uibk.ac.at 



Zerstörung und Hoffnung

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Innsbrucker Friedensforscher im Irak

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