Many Peaces Trilogy

Many Peaces Trilogoy (New)

2018 | Dietrich, Wolfgang

Elicitive Conflict Mapping, Palgrave Macmillan UK

This book completes Wolfgang Dietrich’s path-breaking trilogy of the Many Peaces; the foundation of the highly innovative approach to peace and conflict as taught and applied at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.


Where Volume 1 elaborated the transrational philosophy of the many peaces and Volume 2 discussed the curricular and didactic aspects of elicitive conflict transformation (ECM), Volume 3 provides principles and examples of ECM’s practical application. The author drafts the easy use of ECM as a brand new method of conflict work that can be applied from both intra and interpersonal conflicts to the highest political and diplomatic level. This book would form an excellent basis for leadership and relationship training of future peace workers within the frame of elicitive conflict transformation.

Many Peaces Volume 2

2013 | Dietrich, Wolfgang

Elicitive Conflict Transformation and the Transrational Shift in Peace Politics, Many Peaces Volume 2, London, Palgrave Macmillan

This second volume in the 'Many Peaces' series analyses the emergence of elicitive conflict transformation, demonstrating how the principles of peace and conflict work are interrelated with humanistic psychological insights and methods.


This volume discusses the recent changes of working conditions in the fields of diplomacy, military, development cooperation and political economy, exploring how this 'trans-rational' turn impacts practical peace and conflict work and experiential peace education. Based on the principles of humanistic psychology and Yoga philosophy, and as a wider concept of John Paul Lederach's well-known conflict pyramid, this book introduces a wide range of breath-oriented, voice-oriented and movement-oriented methods and their application in practical fieldwork.

Dietrich's study presents a new model of themes, levels and layers in conflict analysis, which adds to the conventional understanding of human relations and conflicts.

Many Peaces Volume 1

2012 | Dietrich, Wolfgang

Interpretations of Peace in History and Culture, Many Peaces Volume 1, London, Palgrave Macmillan. 

Spanning continents as well as disciplines, the first volume of the mini-series 'Many Peaces' presents a panorama of diverse interpretations of peace in world history and culture. Dietrich takes the reader on a fascinating journey through time and space, exploring the so-called fived families of peace - energetic, moral, modern, postmodern, and transrational.



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