The Virtual Peace Library of the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies


The Virtual Peace Library contains articles and publications of the faculty members of the MA Program in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation.
This continuously growing library is focused on topics related to the contents taught at our program:

* Berardi, Franco:
The Warrior the merchant the sage

The Image Dispositif

* Brand, Ulrich:
Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Ein Schlüsselkonzept Weltgesellschaftlicher Bildung?

Order and Regulation: Global Governance as a Hegemonic Discourse of International Politics?

* Brand, Ulrich & Markus Wissen: Neoliberal Globalization and the Internationalization of Protest: A European Perspective

* Brenner, Helmut: Versuch einer Theorie der politischen Verwendung der Musik

* Dietrich, Wolfgang:
Breve introducción a la investigación de la paz transracional y la transformación elicitiva de conflictos

A Call for Trans-Rational Peaces

La marimba: lenguaje musical y secreto de la violencia política en Guatemala

Peace: Remarks on the Difficult History of a Key Cultural Term
o Friede: Zur schwierigen Geschichte eines kulturellen Schlüsselbegriffs
o Paix: A propos de l'histoire difficile d'un mot-clé culturel
o La paz: sobre la difícil historia de un concepto clave de la cultura
o Mir (in Russian)

Plädoyer für die vielen Frieden

Uma Breve Introdução à Pesquisa sobre Paz Transracional e Método de Transformação de Conflito Elicitivo (Portuguese)

* Doubt, Keith:
Ritualizing Evil

Scapegoating and the Simulation of Mechanical Security in Former Yugoslavia. "Ethnic Cleansing" and the Serbian Orthodox Church

* Echavarría, Josefina:
Mapeo elicitivo de conflictos: una herramienta práctica para el trabajo por la paz

In/Security in Colombia: Peace and War at the Crossroads

Telling Different Stories: Subjectivity and Feminist Identity Politics

* Ellis, Marc:
On Jewish Particularity and Anti-Semitism. Notes from a Jewish Theology of Liberation

Readings and Interpretations of the Book

* Ganguly, Sanjoy: Interview with Sanjoy Ganguly in Vienna in 2005 by Cornelia Adam and Birgit Fritz

* Gebrewold, Belachew: Deconstructing the Civilizing Processs

* Kaller, Martina: Dienen politische Aufstellungen der Friedensarbeit? Neue Möglichkeiten zur Transformation von politischen Konflikten

* Koppensteiner, Norbert: Beyond Postmodernity: Living and Thinking. A Nietzschean Journey

* Krippendorff, Ekkehart:
Ceterum Censeo

Die Wiedergeburt Europas - aber aus welchem Geiste?

Vergessene Kriege

* Laszlo, Ervin:
The Need for a Planetary Ethic

Worldview, Responsibility and the Will to Action

* Mahr, Albrecht: Family and Systems Constellations as a Means for Resolving Inter-cultural, Inter-religious and Inter-ethnic conflicts. Political Constellations and the Importance of Human Relations in the Political Field [Transcript of a lecture held at the MA Program for Peace Studies, Summer Term 2005]

* Mehdi, Sikander: A Peace Museum on the Wagah Border

* Molzbichler, Daniela: Kulturen in Konflikt? Vom Umgang mit Konflikten in interkulturellen Beziehungen

* Palaver, Wolfgang:
Europe's Political Economy: A Discussion of Economic and Political Theologies

On Violence: A Mimetic Perspective

* Pearce, Jenny: Collective Action or Public Participation: Complementary or Contradictory Democratisation Strategies in Latin America?

* Pelinka, Anton:
Europa ist nicht Europa ist nicht Europa

Die NATO nach 1989: Neue Strategie und NATO-Erweiterung

* Reinisch, August:
Nachhaltige Entwicklung seit der Rio-Konferenz 1992

The Action of the European Union to Combat International Terrorism [Source]

* Rieger, Mathias:
Dem Frieden Gehör verschaffen

Music [Source]

* Sachs, Wolfgang:
Climate Change and Human Rights

Environment and Human Rights

Öl ins Feuer. Ressourcenkonflikte als Treibstoff für globalen Unfrieden

Ressourcenkonflikte: Unterhaltswirtschaft gegen Marktökonomie [source]

* Scheuer, Manfred:
Gerechtigkeit und Friede küssen sich

Vom gerechten Krieg zum gerechten Frieden

* Sützl, Wolfgang:
Contaminación y pureza. Violencia y emancipación en los usos “desobedientes” de la técnica

Information und Nachhaltigkeit: Zwischen globaler Amnesie und der Last des Ursprungs

 Mostrar la paz? Reflexiones sobre una estética de lo pacífico

The Weak Subject: Peace and Nihilism Reconsidered

* Walch, Sylvester: Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork [Transcript of a lecture held at the MA Program for Peace Studies, Summer Term 2006]

* Waldmann, Peter: Gibt es in Kolumbien eine Gewaltkultur?

* Weber, Annette: Feminst Peace and Conflict Theory

* Wiberg, Håkan:
A Baltic Sea Security Community?

Former Yugoslavia in 1990: Why it had a Bad Prognosis

Peace Research: Past, Present, Future


The following articles, republished here with permission, appeared first as:

Reinisch, August (2004): The Action of the European Union to Combat International Terrorism, in: Bianchi A. (ed.) (2004): Enforcing International Law Norms Against Terrorism, Oxford/Portland, Hart Publishing, page 119-162.

Rieger, Mathias (2005): Music, in: Mitcham, C. (ed.) (2005): Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Ethics, vol. 3, Detroit, page 1254-1258.

Sachs, Wolfgang (2006): Ressourcenkonflikte. Unterhaltswirtschaft gegen Marktökonomie, in: Eser, U./Müller, A. (eds.) (2006): Umweltkonflikte verstehen und bewerten, München, ökom.

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