Middle rangeAt this level we find different categories. First, persons “who are highly respected as individuals and/or occupy formal positions of leadership in sectors such as education, business, agriculture of health” (Lederach 1997, 41). Likewise, here we also count on networks, institutions and groups of religious, academic or humanitarian kinds, which organize in non-governmental and transnational ways and have access to the Top Leaders, as well as good experience with the Grassroots. Since these actors have less visibility, their positions and agendas tend to enjoy more flexibility. Fulfilling these key functions, we might add to this list of persons also actors like businesspersons, sportspersons, artists, journalists and more, reminding us of those who are classically engaged in multitrack-diplomacy.

Activities characteristic of this middle-range leadership include workshops, capacity and relationship training, peace commissions and work teams.

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