Spiritual-Policitary Layers

The persona’s intrapersonal spiritual layer is located underneath the material, sexual, social, and mental layers. Here we reach transrational layers that inevitably will remain obscure to modern conflict resolution and prescriptive conflict transformation. In elicitive thought, these terms refer to the areas beyond the persona’s ego and social aspects. 

The spiritual layer emerges from the shadow cast by thoughts and emotions. Perception is released for the present, and the highest state of elicitive conflict work is reached – the perspective of the ‘internal observer’.

Policity is the interpersonal equivalent to intrapersonal spirituality. It is the political layer situated beyond one’s individual, family, community, or social interests. Policity is the interpersonal or ‘external observer’ who, like his or her intrapersonal equivalent, observes the dance of the personae in a loving fashion, without judgment and comparison, and without thoughts of reward or punishment. 

Awareness of the spiritual-policitary touches on a kind of intelligence, aesthetic, vision and intuition that departs from the mental and points towards the global sphere. These qualities are not exceptional, because each one of us is equipped with them. An elicitive worker who understands the parties to the conflict in a systematic and holistic manner and treats them accordingly, even in moral, modern and post-modern contexts has the elicitive potential for impacting the episode and provoking new interpretations. 

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