Main Components of the ECM Mind Map

In order to be able to use ECM as a working method, it is important to familiarize oneself first with the different concepts that appear on the map. 

ECM as working method: In the center of the map we have the symbol of the elicitive conflict worker. By clicking on this image, you will find information about the elicitive worker’s training, together with the description of how to use ECM as working method. Useful tools for the training and practice of conflict work are further explained, such as a series of Reality Checks inspired by the Clarity Process, Nonviolent Communication, Active Listening and Theme-Centered Interaction (TCI).

Starting from the image of the elicitive conflict worker, we have created several branches, which connect to the main concepts: Principles, Themes, Layers and Levels. 

Principles: Correspondence, resonance and homeostasis are the three main principles of elicitive conflict work. These help with orientation in each of the other branches of the mind map. They are valuable for the preparation and implementation of conflict interventions, both for the team and the elicitive worker him/herself.

homeostasis.pngresonance.png correspondence.png




Themes: The themes relate to the main narrative of the conflict episode, as the elicitive worker discerns it. In this area, find a concise explanation of the different variations of peace, i.e. energetic, moral, modern, postmodern and transrational peaces, and their topics of harmony, justice, security and truth.





Layers: In the layers area you will be taken on a journey through the persona and her sexual / family, socio-emotional / communal, mental / societal and spiritual /policitary and global awareness layers.




Levels: The levels of the conflict pyramid area are made up of the different actors and activities of conflict transformation from a systemic perspective: Top, Middle Range and Grassroots Leadership. Furthermore, here the integration of the pyramid in the Sri-Yantra symbol is available.



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