ECM as Working Method

  • ECM offers imagination aid for conflict workers to move in the complex and dynamic ‘landscape’ of dysfunctional systems in a rational, relational and intuitive manner.
  • ECM helps facilitators in their encounters with the parties, according to their own possibilities, to open a diversity of points of views and courses of action. Following all the rules and with all the methodic and didactical tools of elicitive work this allows them to act without losing themselves in the complexity of the interactions. 

In this section on ECM as working method, you will find the map rules and ideas on how to use ECM in concrete situations by creating your own conflict images. We also pay special attention to the elicitive conflict worker's training in what concerns his/her communication skills by surveying the Clarity Process and the Reality Checks, NonViolent Communication (NVC), Active Listening and Theme-Centered Interaction (TCI)

For further research, find also suggested readings on ECM as working method

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