To be with the Other: Dietrich in Colombia

Wolfgang Dietrich’s key note lecture at Colegiatura Colombiana Unviersity is now available as a video online.

In May 2019 Wolfgang Dietrich was a key note speaker at the international congress "Otro Mundo - Una Mirada Oriente-Occidente", perfectly organized by Colegiatura Colombiana University in Medellín/Colombia. Under the headline "Ser con el otro - to be with the other" 12 experts form all over the world discussed with about 500 people in the audience alternative visions of peace(s), encounter, conflict transformation, social work, community life and more. 

Since its foundation, the Innsbruck School of Peace Studies has been a bridge between Western peace research and Eastern peace philosophy.It has therefore been selected as an illustrative example of how academic peace research and conflict transformation can globally contribute to transformative processes of societies and communities after traumatic experience of violence. Wolfgang Dietrich presented the principles of the Innsbruck School and engaged in three days of intense discussion with Colombian students who seek changes and answers to their questions about peaces and conflict transformation.

Wolfgang Dietrich

Wolfgang Dietrich

Wolfgang Dietrich, UNESCO Chairholder, is Head of the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies and director of the MA Program for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck/Austria, author of more than 300 academic writings on peace and conflict. His opus magnum, the trilogy on Many Peaces (German original 2008, 2012, 2015) has been translated into various languages and last been issued in Arabic and Portuguese. 



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