PESTUGE project evaluated with the highest possible mark

With the highest possible score, our project @PESTUGE (Creation of the Graduate Curricula in Peace Studies in Georgia) was qualified by the Erasmus+ Higher Education Unit with a "Very Good"!

We are very happy and glad to have contributed to this successful endeavour identified as a "good practice": the project exceeded the initial results foreseen by creating 14 courses and updating 15, it successfully established the Peace Studies Institute at Caucasus University and the pr oject partnership was recognised for its good team development and well-focused dissemination activities, among other highlights.
The official evaluation mentions that over 1,300 students benefited from the project's work, yet this number should also include many more in all our partner universities where Pestuge project Professors and administrators visited and shared with us their unique perspectives and experiences about the conflicts and peaces in the Caucasus region.

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