Many Peaces Magazine Volume 12

In the new edition of the Many Peaces Magazine, Volume 12, Assistant Professor Rina Malagayo Alluri shares her journey with inner and outer peace that led her to the University of Innsbruck Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies
Many Peace Magazine Volume 12 Rina Alluri Guest comment

The last year has been a turbulent time, not least for all those who are interested in peacework all around the globe. Restrictions and security measures due to the global pandemic have influenced nearly every part of daily life. Still, they have also given rise to many new ways to creatively approach the situation we find ourselves in. The Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies Innsbruck, which I am part of since 2020, is no exception. I invite you to follow me on my journey, and to explore how my quest for inner and outer peace has led me here.

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