Modular Period IV

Language(s) and Peace(s)
Daniela Ingruber


A lack of or hegemonic communication may lead to conflicts. Communication again is always based on language, though language is not necessarily based on words. Language consists of symbols, which can be words, melodies, icons, mems, dress-codes, architecture and much more. One and the same word (= symbol) can be used for friendly, so-called neutral and violent communication. The meaning mostly depends on customs, social structure, experiences, emotions and attitudes. The media influence the distribution, meaning and perception of symbols, and those symbols become a mirror of society. Hate-speech might be the most famous violent example, but the manipulation behind symbols is much more dangerous, if it is not so obvious. Symbols intrude minds. Pictures, videos, films and pop music, rock, metal – they all influence the way of thinking, believing and in the end living.


This course looks at different aspects of language, communication and their use on diverse media. We will search for diverse realities behind the common use of words, structure, grammar or hierarchy of language(s) and symbols. A special glance at photography, film and music will lead us through debates and an understanding of non-violent aggression (if that exists) and ways of using language(s) in a more ethical and peaceful manner. To reach this we will be analysing philosophical and theoretical texts, use practical exercises and challenge our minds with lots of different styles in music, film and iconography.

The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.