Modular Period V 

Theatre for Living as a Means of Conflict Transformation
(David Diamond)

Art is the psyche of any community, any region, any Nation. We are constantly creating our individual and collective stories. Having the ability to create our stories, we also have the ability to change the narrative of those stories. Participants in this 5-day Theatre for Living course will experience group building and trust games and learn the languages of Image and interactive Forum Theatre. Participants will be asked to contribute moments from their own lived experiences to create collective images and plays about conflict in their own lives. Part of the process will be the performance of these plays inside the workshop (not for outside public performance) and through the creative, interactive process to understand a theatrical method of conflict transformation.

David Diamond co-founded Theatre for Living (formerly known as Headlines Theatre) in 1981 and has been Artistic Director since 1984, when he also encountered Augusto Boal and his Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) for the first time. Since 1989 Theatre for Living's work has slowly moved away from the binary language and model of "oppressor/oppressed" and now approaches community-based cultural work from a systems-based perspective; understanding that a community is a complexly integrated, living organism. Projects have taken place in collaboration with First Nations and multicultural communities through hundreds of theatre workshops, Power Plays and Forum Theatre events around the world on issues such as violence and suicide prevention, anti-racism workshops, youth empowerment, homelessness and mental health, othering, bullying and community development.

Diamond has worked across Canada and the US, in Australia and New Zealand, in Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Namibia, Rwanda and Palestine. More information on Theatre for Living projects can be found here:


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