Modular Period IV 

Olympism in Practice: Conflict Transformation through 'Sports'
(Alexis Lyras)

This course is designed to introduce students to a number of organizational, practical and social issues related to the foundations of applied Olympic Education as a tool for promoting peacebuilding and international development. During the first years of the new millennium, a number of sport and humanitarian institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union and the International Olympic Committee, and the International Olympic Academy joined their forces to promote the concept of Sport for Development and Peace in an attempt to pursue the UN Millennium Development Goals (UN MDG- and EU white paper on Sport). Through this class, students will (a) become familiar with research, theories and programs related to the concept of Sport for Development and Peace, (b) understand the context, the process and the outcomes of such practices, and (c) gain practical and theoretical foundation for initiating Sport for Development and Peace Entrepreneurship project related to personal interest and future career aspirations. The focus will be on applying the theories, skills and practices that promote social and corporate wisdom and responsibility in the sport industry. 


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