Modular Period V - Workshop 2

Modular Period V

Butoh Dance - Creative Transformation
(Henriette Heinrichs)

Japanese expression-dance is used in this course as medium towards bringing light to the subconscious.  In order to be able to act directly and adequately in situations of crisis it is helpful to get to know and understand our subconscious. In this manner we learn to deal with our own hidden characteristics.  Butoh-Dance teaches us to deploy our own so called “negative feelings” in a creative manner. It establishes a bridge between conscious and subconscious and connects automated reflexes with actively self-determined capability for action. This seminar of five days deals with “inner peace” which implies acceptance and understanding also for the dark sides within ourselves.

Releasing the Wild Beast
"As long as blood is flowing in our veins the observation of the own body will always lead to the obscure. We are not transparent!” Hijikata points towards the animalistic, murderous aspect inherent to our bodies.
The better you know the wild beast within yourself, the more you can slacken the reins. This is not just the case while dancing, but also applies for the own life. The typical person running amok is the one who “always has been so nice and reserved. Inexplicable! Why did he just stab his mother and the grocer?” That is the point! He did not know his inner beast at all. He suppressed it his whole life. And when the beast finally breaks free, he can hardly stop it.
Every human being carries the “potential murderer” within her/himself, everybody has a wild, untamed side.
I think that it is existentially important to befriend the own dark sides, because this will not just prevent amok, but most importantly also lead to inner wholeness and self-love.

The Dance of the Soul
During the „Butoh-Dance of the Soul” every participant is animated to develop his or her own original.
Bodily training that “listens towards the inside” in which centering is trained and stabilized.
Through an imaginistic approach to a given topic the participants get in contact with those feelings which move their body. The images that arise can be of archaic, wild until contemplative, meditative coloring.
Risk looking at the essential and express with your body what you perceive.
”How am I? What do I stand for?” are questions which we can be practically answer by exploring ourselves through the dance. 

What is Butoh Dance?
Butoh-dance is a contemporary expressionist dance, which has been created by the Japanese artists Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno in 1959. It is dancing theater in the most radical sense of the word. It places the body in the center of feelings and does not want to be grasped by the rational mind. Butoh frequently expands beyond the boundaries of the own personal life and draws from the forever unborn just as well as from the already passed away.
Butoh-dance for me is an outlet to express dreams and emotions which do not find a place in everyday life.

Henriette Heinrichs
is a dancer and choreographer, therapist for psychotherapy (HP).
In her work Butoh-dance and techniques derived from Humanistic Psychology are combined for the first time. Thereof she developed the “Butoh-Dance of the Soul” as a therapeutic method of self-awareness.


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