Modular Period III

Aspects of Negative Peaces and Direct Violence
July 09th to July 22nd 2018

 Field training, including excursions the Tyrolean Red Cross, the Tyrolean Water Rescue Team, the Austrian Army.

Coordination: Wolfgang Dietrich.

Modul III 

Students will stay for two weeks “offline” at the camps and experience a 24 hours and 14 days training in practical aspects of field work. The topics will range from team-training, communication, basic skills in orientation and survival in nature, guided units in mountaineering, rescue, simulations of man made and natural disaster situations, civilian actions in armed conflict situations, spiritual and physical training. Special training units for civilians with a background in conflict transformation will be offered by the Army their specific environment.
The aim of these weeks, besides practical training, is the formation of a real group of colleagues. Readiness for team spirit will be highly demanded. Students are requested to take basic personal camp equipment such as sleeping bag, mountaineering-boots and warm clothing with them.





Mon 09.07. - Tue 10.07. to be announced      
Practical Training with the Austrian Red Cross    
Wed 11.07. to be announced   Practical Training with the Fire Fighters
Tutorial Thu 12.07. to be announced Leadership Training 
Tutorial Fri 14.07. - Sa 15.07 to be announced to be announced
So 16.07. - Sat 21.07.
to be announced Field Training with the Austrian Armed Forces 

Sun 22.07.
Integrative Seminar

The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.