Modular Period V 

'The Individuation of the Peace Worker'

(Katrin Reuter and Cherif Chalakani)

Our early upbringing has a profound effect on our lives, shaping our self–image, attitudes, moods and behavior. How did our perception of our family and our attempts to survive and flourish within it, become generalized as a way of being in the world? What is it in these intimate histories that was left unsaid, unfelt, undone? How am I still carrying the past into the present, my reaction being colored by old conflicts, old sufferings, old fears, old needs and hopes?  Healing the relationship between the inner child and the internalized parental figures constitutes an important factor for being able to form healthy relations in present life circumstances.

Based on the methodology of the Hoffman Process and Naranjo´s SAT program this journey of self-discovery teaches how to release persistent negative feelings being unloved and unlovable and will help everyone reach forgiveness and acceptance for themselves and others. This allows for a more compassionate approach to personal relationships, family and community life. It opens the door to a future different from the past!

Conducted by  Katrin Reuter and Cherif Chalakani    (

Assistant: Matias Gossner


The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.