Modular Period V

Lalish Theaterlabor Research Centr of Theatre and Performance Culture

the garden of dreams

Work in progress
With and by: Nigar Hasib and Shamal Amin

Concept, Space, Leader: Shamal Amin Performer: Nigar Hasib

In Ritual Voice Performances of the Lalish Theaterlabor we don’t tell a fairy tale, but we discover and experience a world that is not so far away from a WE, Here and Now
Shamal Amin

Songs are chanted grief, even exhilaration
A Kurdish song from the eighth century

Song and voice materials of this performance based on: old and ritual song and vocal techniques from: North Mesopotamia, East and South Anatolia (Zazaki songs in North Kurdistan), Zoroaster larynx songs (Siatschamane and Hore style) from the Hawraman mountains in east and south Kurdistan, even developed larynx songs technique and composed experimental songs in self‐invented artistic language by Nigar Hasib. Also Speech‐song technique by Shamal Amin and Mawal Arabic song technique.
Text materials consist of text fragments of the Sumerian literature, short poetic texts by Franz Kafka, Tahir Ben Galon, Samuel Beckett and Shamal Amin in German, Kurdish, Arabic and English language.
In this project, as in all other projects of the Lalish Theaterlabor, the linguistic text materials are not used as a channel of communication, but as a musical and rhythmic instrument, and the term "Celebrant" instead of "actor", here will not represent a defined character or a dramatic role.
Until the End of May 2014 were presented segments of this performance, parallel to performance "no shadow", to special workshops and open laboratory, to performative meetings at international theater festivals and at universities in Austria (Vienna, Innsbruck, Eisenstadt), Jordan (Amman), Morocco (Fez), Italy (Sant 'Agata de'Goti at Napoli), and in Germany (Nuremberg).

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