Modular Period V

no shadow

Work in progress
With and by: Nigar Hasib and Shamal Amin

"My theatre is a river, that flows through worlds"

Shamal Amin

The internationally successful performance "no shadow" of Lalish Theatrelabor in Vienna/Austria with and by: Nigar Hasib and Shamal Amin, was performed with a great success at 20 international theater festivals in Japan, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Morocco, Italy and Mecedonia, and received awards for best performance: the award "Sound of MESS 2009" at "49th MESS International Theatre Festival" in Sarajevo/Bosnia Herzegovina 2009, a honorary award at the 17th International Theatre Festival in Amman/Jordan 2010, and the Award "JACQUES LACARRIERE/Acting as dialogue between civilizations" at 10th International Theatre Festival "Actor of Europe" in Macedonia/Prespa 2012. 

"no shadow" was described by critics as a journey from the origin to the present, as a ritual, sensuous, poetic and visual performance, with very special voice technique and body language. 

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