Modular Period IV - Seminar 1

Modular Period IV

Positive Peace through Comprehensive Security?
(Belachew Gebrewold)


Comprehensive Security approach is a holistic approach to security exemplified not merely by conflict prevention instead by addressing those social aspects that create socio-political crisis: Equality, justice and good governance are considered as effective and precautious measures to forestall conflicts. The European Union attempts in Africa through Comprehensive Security approach to strike a new path towards this kind of Positive Peace. Africa Peace Facility (a peace fund created by the EU for Africa) is one aspect of this comprehensive security approach of the EU in Africa. However, terrorism, piracy, and exploitation of natural resources have been continuously inviting global actors to Africa. In the face of competing and influential global powers in Africa, the EU is systemically compromising its comprehensive security concept for the sake of its strategic interests in Africa. At the same a key principle of the EU policy towards Africa is that it be a leading actor in implementation of justice and equality of various social groups. This course deals with following questions, “how comprehensive is the comprehensive security concept of the EU?” Can it be operationalized as Positive Peace?

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